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Create or join an escrow transaction
Buyer deposits the money on the escrow account
Seller hands over the goods or service
Seller receives the money in real time
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We accept payments by credit card, wire transfer, PayPal and most popular and safe cryptocurrencies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is is an online escrow service that aims to protect both buyers and sellers and to process the payment securely and transparently for both parties. handles your cash payments through a transparent step-by-step process. The money does not flow directly into the account of the beneficiary (seller, service provider etc), but into a escrow account with our banking partner. After a successful payment informs the participants about the receipt of money. The beneficiary can then provide its services, such as the shipment of the goods. If the buyer has received the shipment and checked, he releases the money.

The clearance confirmation and the associated irrevocable forwarding of the money to the seller take place in real time. This also enables personal secure and cashless settlements on site. The escrow principle ensures a secure and worry-free payment and protects the parties against fraud. stands for highest security and transparency in online-based payment transactions.

Are there any prohibited or restricted items I can buy or sell? cannot support all types of business activity due to legislation, regulations, network rules and requirements from our providers. This section aims to determine whether we can support your planned or existing business activity.

Not sure whether  can support your business? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts to see if we’re the right fit for you.

1. Unregulated and illegal products and services

  •  • Narcotics
  •  • Pyramid schemes
  •  • Products and services with varying legal statuses on a state-by-state/country basis

2. Other prohibited high-risk products and services

  •  • Any gambling-related platforms, e-casinos, lottery and card games
  •  • Sales of tobacco, e-cigarettes and e-liquid, counterfeit products and/or weapons
  •  • Retailers selling products derived from cannabis cannabidiol (CBD)

What forms of payment are available at

The following payment methods are available to the payer:

Credit Card VISA & MasterCard

3DSecure must be activated for the credit card. Can be used for payments up to $5.500.


If you have received money from a sale or a price adjustment, you can use this credit to pay. There is no limit for this payment method.

Wire transfers

Please note that the amount and reference of the wire transfer are correct, otherwise your transfer cannot be assigned and there will be a delay. There is no limit for this payment method.

Cryptocurrency is now accepting crypto payments!

We're delighted to inform you that we now accept the cryptocurrencies as payment method, in addition to PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and Wire transfers.

Your deposit or payment amount will not be affected in case of a price change.

Availability supports the following cryptocurrencies at this time:

Bitcoin Cash
USD Coin

Payment Process will redirect you to our partner Coinbase where you can complete your payment using Cryptocurrency. You can choose to pay using your trusted wallet or using your Coinbase account.
You will be redirected back to after a successful payment.
Payments by Cryptocurrency are instant.

Find out more about Cryptocurrency on our Blog.

How can I cancel an escrow transaction?

Both sides can cancel the transaction before receiving the money on the escrow account.

After the money has been entered into the escrow account, cancellation requests can only be made by the recipient of a trust payment. A cancellation can be made in the detail view of the trust payment.

Attention! Cancellations can not be canceled themselves. The money will be returned directly to the sender of the money after a cancellation.

Note: A deposit process can not be canceled. A cancellation is basically the same as the release of the deposit.

What’s the minimum transaction amount?

 Per default we only allow transactions starting from $100.

What is your wire info?

You’ll be provided the wire information when selecting the Wire Transfer payment method while making a payment or a deposit. You can also contact our support department for detailed wire information.

Where can I find an overview of my escrow transactions?

An overview of your current and completed escrow transactions can be found on the dashboard of your account.

How does work?

Example: You buy a digital camera on an online marketplace.

1. Buyer and seller agree on the payment via

2. Deposit money (money transfer)

After the escrow transaction has been accepted by the invitee, seller will need to deposit the agreed amount of money to the escrow account and will inform all participants as soon as the receipt of payment has taken place.

3. Release and payment

After receiving and reviewing the digital camera, buyer releases the money. Both buyer and seller receive a confirmation of the release in real time and the money is irrevocably forwarded to the seller.

If something is wrong with the digital camera, the money will be kept in escrow until agreement or, in the worst case, until legal clarification.

Note: or its affiliates assumes no responsibility for the nature of the goods or the quality of the services and does not interfere with the underlying transaction.

How do I invite a partner to an escrow transaction?

You can invite a partner to escrow directly at the Start Escrow page.

What is the maximum allowed transaction limit for payments?

In general there is no transaction limit.

What are the fees?

Low fees are important to everyone. At we believe we offer the lowest fees within the industry. Contact us to know more or calculate your fees here

Is my Escrow transaction private?

The only public details that are available to both parties are the email addresses.
We do not make transactions public to other platforms!

What are the withdrawal methods?

You can withdraw your credit at any time, just click on Payout on the main menu. You can decide how much of your balance you would like to withdraw.

You can make a withdrawal by Paypal, Wire Transfer and Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

All withdrawals are free of charge

Note: Kindly be informed that in order to withdraw via Crypto method, the requested withdrawal amount should have been received by Crypto during the transaction.

For Example:

If your account balance is $100,000 consisting of $50,000 in crypto payments,
then you will be able to withdraw only $50,000 by crypto and not $100,000.

Where can I view and change my personal data?

You can view your data in your account under "Profile" at any time